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101 कारण, में मोदी को वोट क्यों करूँगी

101 कारण, में मोदी को वोट क्यों करूँगी

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This book is a rare experiment of doing some serious political commentary on 10 years of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's work through a graphic novel (or comic book in popular parlance), using 10 different popular art styles. During Shantanu’s research at the University of Oxford on "Usage of graphics novels for political commentary", he studied and followed various political graphic novels. He understood that graphic novels can be a very powerful means to communicate political ideas to the masses. This book is written from a voter's point of view, that why she or he will vote Narendra Modi back to power in 2024. Shantanu has collected most of his stories after directly talking to the beneficiaries of different schemes of the Modi government. Each of the 101 reasons are presented with comparison data of pre 2014 scenario, the human story involved and an English poetic couplet to capture the impact of that particular scheme or the initiative of the Modi government. Book has testimonials from Bibek Debroy, Chairman of the Economic Advisory Committee (EAC) to PM Modi and Mohandas Pai, Ex CFO of Infosys on the innovative and vivid graphic style narration of politics by the author. This book contains 10 art styles namely - Semi realistic style, Cartoon style, Stylised style, Manga style, Watercolour style, Realistic art style, Black and white style, Traditional Indian comic book style, Disney style and Sepia/Muted style. Apart from the political analysts and political readers, this book is also a compendium of different art styles for the community of the comic book lovers.

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    Shantanu Gupta

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