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Shiva The legend of Immortal, Jalandhar

Shiva The legend of Immortal, Jalandhar

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Jalandhar was born out of Lord Shiva's fury. He was destined to become the greatest warrior in the universe who could be defeated only by Lord Shiva. Under the guidance of Sage Shukracharya, he becomes the King of Asuras by marrying the virtuous Vrinda. He conquers the three Lokas and fulfills the first half of the prophecy. He also managed to convince Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi to visit his kingdom and bless them with prosperity. However, he develops a dangerous obsession which sends him on the path of destruction. What fate awaits Jalandhar when he chooses to disrespect the advice of his loved ones and his teacher Sage Shukracharya? To know the answer, read the exciting graphic novel from the multiple award winner and national best seller series, Shiva - The Legends of the Immortal.

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