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Vikram Vetaal Chapter 10 (English)

Vikram Vetaal Chapter 10 (English)

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In this thrilling conclusion to Sivadasa's Vetala Panchavimshati, Vikram successfully delivers Vetaal's corpse to Kshantishila, who invites the king to join him in a ritual at a prepared sacred ground. As the ceremony unfolds, Kshantishila's true intentions are revealed when he attempts to kill Vikram. The king, narrowly escaping death, uncovers the prophecy that led to this treachery. In a moment of distraction, Kshantishila inflicts a grave wound upon Vikram. However, the resilient king rises, fighting not only for his own life but for the fate of his entire kingdom. Sivadasa's final tale is a testament to courage and the unyielding spirit of a true leader.

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